Using Webtrends Plug-Ins to Extend Parameter Analysis Reporting

You can create a Webtrends plug-in to request log file field data from Webtrends Analytics 9 and append it to the query string.

For example, if you want Webtrends to report on referrer data as a query parameter, a programmer could create a plug-in that gets the value of the referrer field for each hit and appends the value to the query string. You can then specify the query parameter that identifies the referrer value in the URL Parameter Analysis settings for your profile to be included in your Parameter Analysis reports..

Because many parameters are defined using numerical strings or other codes, you may want to create a Webtrends plug-in that translates parameter values into a more usable format for reports. For example, if you want Webtrends reports to show a product name rather than a product ID number, you can create a plug-in that translates the ID number into a product name.

For more information, see the Webtrends Programmer's Reference on the Webtrends Documentation page.