Webtrends Data Exchange Methods

Webtrends provides the following data exchange methods, described in the sections below.

Using the Data Extraction API

The Data Extraction API provides support for developers to create custom data exchange applications that can interact with Webtrends Analytics 9 or Visitor Data Mart. For more information about using the API, see the Webtrends Developer Network.

Exporting Full Reports from Analytics Reports

Analytics Reports provides a highly flexible interface for exporting reports in popular, user-friendly, portable formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, and Excel. Exports can also include on-the-fly user customizations such as queries and language options. You can export a report while viewing it, or schedule repeated exports and output them using email, FTP, or a saved file location.

You can manage Analytics 9 reports exports directly from the Analytics Reports interface.

How to Export Reports

To export a report immediately or schedule a recurring export directly from a report, open a report in Analytics Reports and click the Export Reports menu to see your options.

Using Webtrends Analytics 9, you can also schedule a report export without viewing the report by clicking Administration > Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs, clicking New, and selecting Scheduled Report.

Required Installations

The first time you export a report, Webtrends Analytics 9 automatically launches the ClickOnce installer for the Report Exporter before exporting the report. (If you export to Excel/MDB, it also launches the SmartReports installation automatically.) If you need to install the Report Exporter on computers in your organization, you can download it as part of the Client Components package. Click Administration > Install Components, Accessories, and then Client Components.

Scheduling Data Captures

Using the Data Scheduler, you can create data captures from your Web Analytics analysis data. Data captures pull data from your Webtrendsanalysis before the data is trimmed to report table limits and made ready to be displayed as reports. This captured data in CSV format is the most complete form of Webtrends Analytics 9 data you can obtain for use in your own reporting solutions.

The Data Scheduler provides a convenient interface for setting up data captures, monitoring the status of data captures, and picking up the data when a capture is complete.

Scheduling Data Extracts from Visitor Data Mart

Using the Data Scheduler, you can pull data for specific business objects directly from your Visitor Data Mart, or based on segments defined in Webtrends Webtrends Segments, in CSV format and access them using secure FTP. You can set data extracts to use your Visitor Data Mart data with external reporting solutions and customize it freely.

The Data Scheduler provides a convenient interface for setting up data extracts, scheduling recurring extracts, monitoring the status of data extracts, and picking up the data when an extract is complete.