What Is Express Analysis?

Express Analysis delivers an up-to-date snapshot of the current day's data long before standard Webtrends analysis can provide final statistics.

Express Analysis allows you to check statistics throughout the day. Using a copy of your SmartSource Data Collector (SDC) data files, Express Analysis collects data every 60 seconds and renders it into a compact form to save costly processing time. Express Analysis is especially useful for daily tactical decisions. It provides a quick view of how your web site is performing overall, giving you general status indicators and clues about where to investigate further. For example, Express Analysis can provide up-to-the-moment feedback during a major sales event such as a holiday promotion. Because you don't have to wait for an entire day's data to be rolled up and analyzed, you can respond to visitor events on your site hour by hour, identifying problems and opportunities as they occur.

Although Express Analysis reports on the same SmartSource data as standard Webtrends analysis, you should think of it as a supplement to standard analysis rather than a replacement. Because it is designed to deliver a quick view of your data, Express Analysis does not provide the full depth and accuracy required for long-term business analysis, and it does not support the full range of features available from Webtrends. For long-term strategic decisions, you should use standard Webtrends analysis for in-depth data drilldown.

Benefits of Express Analysis

Express Analysis provides:

Limitations of Express Analysis

Webtrends Analytics 9 clearly labels features and selections such as profile settings, custom reports, and filters that are not compatible with Express Analysis. If an object such as a filter or a filter component is incompatible with Express Analysis, the object cannot be used with Express Analysis.

Express Analysis: