Child Profile

WebTrends can use Child Profiles to report on a web site that shares a log file with other unrelated sites due to a constraint or choice by a hosting provider. Child profiles can be helpful if an ISP or web hosting service hosts multiple customer sites on their web servers. To a web site visitor, a customer’s site can appear as a distinct, stand-alone domain, but often the web activity data for each customer site is recorded and lumped together in the service provider’s main web server log file.

If service providers want to offer their customers a set of basic web activity reports with data specific to each customer’s site, they need a means of breaking out data by customer. Because service providers also want to reduce management and maintenance of this data splitting process, they want WebTrends to auto-discover and split out these data subsets while parsing the log file. Parent-Child profiles provide this auto-discovery functionality, and also creates profiles, called Child profiles, for these data subsets.