Visitor History

Visitor History is a feature in WebTrends, which when activated, records specific information about the history of your visitors including how often they have visited your site (frequency), how recently they’ve visited (recency), the number of days between their visits (latency), the value of all their purchases (lifetime value), the campaign that generated their first visit to your site, the search engine phrase used most recently to visit your site, and much, much more. Many reports depend on Visitor History being activated, such as any of the Buyers by reports.

The Visitor History table has four categories of information it captures, each of which offers a variety of different measurements and possible report combinations that allow visitor segmentation, including: Visit Attributes, Campaign Attributes, Purchase History, and Visitor “Firsts.” Also, Purchase History can measure any form of conversion the WebTrends administrator defines, not just sales.

Persistent cookies are used to recognize unique visitors and to record Visitor History events, which are only associated with this unique ID—not specific, known individuals. With all Visitor History measures and reports, a visitor must have visited the site during the report time period in order for their Visitor History data (data which may be outside the report time period) to be included in the report.