Analytics 9 Insight Help

Analytics 9 Insight is a companion application to Analytics On Premises that gives you quick, meaningful views on your data.

Insight emphasizes data visualization, so you don't need to do anything but log in to make timely, informed decisions about your web marketing strategies.

Insight Features

Account Dashboard
Gives you broad overview of your account and helps you compare profiles.
Pivot Navigation
Makes it easy to view the same report for different profiles.
Get notified on your iPhone, via SMS, in an email, or through Twitter direct messages when your key metrics rise to, or fail to reach, thresholds you define.
RSS Feeds and Notes
Annotate your data with any kind of information to provide context and enhance understanding.
Story View
Plain-language story of your profile's key metrics with annotations and exceptional days.
Basic metrics. Essential information.
See trends for page views, visits, visitors, page views per visit, bounce rate, average visitors per day, new visitors, and average time on site.

For more details and information on bugs and known issues, see the release notes.

Insight Does Not Replace Analytics On Premises

Insight is a companion application to Analytics On Premises. Using Insight, you can change some of your user settings, like your password, locale, and email address, but other administrative tasks, like profile and account configuration, must be performed in Analytics On Premises.

Some reports are not available in Insight. This includes legacy reports whose data has been moved to new reports and advanced reports like conversion funnels and scenario analysis, which are only available in Analytics On Premises.