Account Dashboard

The account dashboard helps you compare profiles by showing you basic metrics for all profiles in your account.

This view can help you determine which profiles you might want to investigate further. The account dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to Insight, and you can get back to it at any time by clicking the account name in the breadcrumb navigation.

For example, if you see an unexpected difference in the page views of two profiles (maybe the profile with a new campaign is much lower than an older one) the account dashboard makes it easy to see this difference. You can then click on one of the profiles to view its profile dashboard to see what might be causing the discrepancy.

You can sort the list of profiles alphabetically or by metric by clicking on the column headers. You can also filter the list of profiles using the profile filter.

Alert indicators tell you where alerts have been triggered and where alert rules are set up but not yet triggered.