Account Dashboard Views

The account dashboard shows key metrics for all profiles in an account. The account dashboard opens in standard view for 25 or fewer profiles. If there are more than 25 profiles, they are shown in compact view.

Standard View

If you have access to 25 or fewer profiles, the account dashboard opens in standard view. In standard view, profiles are listed alphabetically from top to bottom. You can sort the profiles by any of the key metrics shown across the top row of the table, or in alphabetical order.

In compare mode, you can see the percent change for each metric between the current time period (in large black font at the top of the screen) and the compare time period (in smaller, gray font). The arrow indicates whether the metric has increased or decreased between the current and compare time period. Positive changes to metrics are shown in black, while negative changes are shown in red.

Compact View

If you have access to more than 25 profiles, the account dashboard opens in compact view. In compact view, profiles are arranged alphabetically, down and to the right, in a table.

This allows you to see and compare all of your profiles in one window, without having to scroll. Only one key metric (page views, by default) for each profile is displayed as part of the table. You can change the metric by selecting a new one from the Show menu. To see the other key metrics for a profile, just hover over its name. The metrics, and a sparkline, appear in a tooltip.