Adding an Alert

Add an alert to tell Insight to notify you about changes in a specific metric.

There are two types of alerts:

Notifies you when a key metric for a profile exceeds a certain level. For example, you could ask Insight to alert you when page views exceeds 10,000. A notification for an "Exceeds" alert can be triggered within minutes of the alert event.*
Note: *Analysis and data refresh for real-time enabled profiles typically takes fewer than five minutes, but can take up to ten minutes.
Does Not Reach
Notifies you if a key metric for a profile has not reached a certain level by a time you specify. For example, you could ask Insight to tell you if visits does not reach 500 by 4 o'clock. If the first analysis after 4 o'clock shows that visits has not reached 500, Insight triggers the notification for the alert.
Note: If your profile is not licensed for real-time data, all "Does not reach" alerts are processed at the end of the day.
Note: Alerts cannot be added in Today and 24-hour modes.

Follow these steps on the profile dashboard to add an alert:

  1. Click on the metric you want to set the alert for.
  2. Hover over the Alerts bar in the annotations menu and click the plus sign .
    The alert type menu opens.
  3. Select Exceeds or Does not reach. See alert type descriptions, above.
    The Alert Me When dialog opens.
  4. Enter a threshold for the alert.
    • Type a value in the text box.
    • Click and drag the threshold handle to move the line. The value in the box changes as you drag the line up and down.
  5. Click Save.
A red dashed line is displayed on the trend view graph and alert indicators are displayed on the account and profile dashboards.