Viewing Alerts

Insight makes you aware of alert rules and triggering through indicators on the account dashboard and through direct notification.

Alert Indicators

When you create an alert, Insight adds an indicator to the account dashboard and profile dashboard to help you identify which profiles, and which key metrics within profiles, have alert rules set up.

When you add an alert:

  • On the trend view graph, a dashed line with a red triangle is displayed for metric on which the alert is set. An up arrow indicates an "Exceeds" alert and a down arrow indicates a "Does not reach" alert.
  • A red circle is displayed on the account dashboard and the profile dashboard.

When an alert is triggered, the red circle becomes a red dot . The dot will remain visible unless there are no triggered alerts in the date range you are currently viewing or you delete the alert.

Alert Notifications

You can specify in the Settings dialog how you would like to be notified when alerts are triggered. You can be notified in an email, in a Twitter direct message, with an SMS message, and when you log in to Insight. Your alerts are always available in the in the annotation viewer.

New Alert Notifications Dialog

You can also view all of your new alerts in a chronological list in the New Alert Notifications dialog. To open the dialog, click Alerts in the header. You can use this dialog to view alerts in context, to convert alerts to notes before viewing them in context, and to edit alerts. The Alerts dialog opens automatically each time you log in. If you don't want this to happen, click your name > Alert Methods and clear the At login check box.