You can set up alerts to tell Insight to notify you when a key metric exceeds or does not reach a certain level.

Note: Alerts may not be available if your Webtrends account is not licensed for alerting.

Alerts give you timely updates on key metric performance based on parameters you set. Insight can notify you as soon as a key metric exceeds a certain level or if a metric doesn't reach a certain level by a time you set. Alert indicators like these on the account dashboard and profile dashboard tell you where alerts have been triggered and also where alert rules are set up but not yet triggered.

Types of Alerts

There are two types of alerts.

Notifies you when a key metric for a profile exceeds a certain level. For example, you could ask Insight to alert you when page views exceeds 10,000. A notification for an "Exceeds" alert can be triggered within minutes of the alert event.*
Note: *Analysis and data refresh for real-time enabled profiles typically takes fewer than five minutes, but can take up to ten minutes.
Does Not Reach
Notifies you if a key metric for a profile has not reached a certain level by a time you specify. For example, you could ask Insight to tell you if visits does not reach 500 by 4 o'clock. If the first analysis after 4 o'clock shows that visits has not reached 500, Insight triggers the notification for the alert.
Note: If your profile is not licensed for real-time data, all "Does not reach" alerts are processed at the end of the day.