Using Filters

Each view in Insight has a filter you can use to limit the number of profiles or reports, or the amount of data displayed in reports.

The filter works the same regardless of whether you are viewing the account dashboard, the profile dashboard, or a report.

  • On the account dashboard, the list of profiles is filtered by the profile names and the by the names of reports included in the profile.
  • On the profile dashboard, the list of reports at the bottom of the page is filtered by name or by measures and dimensions within reports.
    Note: The report filter on the profile dashboard has an auto-complete feature to help you find valid dimensions and measures to filter the list of reports. When you have typed at least three characters in the filter box, a list of matching dimensions and measures is displayed under the box.
  • In report view, report rows are filtered by measure name. For example, if you enter "Firefox" in the filter box on the Browsers report, Insight removes entries without "Firefox" in the measure name.

To use the filter:

  1. Click in the filter box and start typing.
    On the profile dashboard, the filter displays a list of suggestions based on what you have typed. The suggestions are names of dimensions and measures found in the reports available for the current profile.
  2. Press Enter or Return.
    Items not matching your filter terms are removed from the list.
To clear your keywords and search again, click in the filter box.