About Basic Metrics in Insight

Insight shows you up to eight basic metrics on the profile dashboard and account dashboard: page views, visits, visitors, page views per visit, bounce rate, average visitors per day, new visitors, and average time on site. These metrics are good indicators of the overall performance of your profile.

Not all basic metrics are available in every situation.

If you don't see a metric, it might be because...

  • Today and 24-hour modes do not include bounce rate, average time on site, and average visitors per day.
  • On the account dashboard, the metrics you see depend on the number of profiles in your account. If your account has more than 25 profiles, it opens in compact view, and only one key metric is displayed with the name of the profile.
  • If your account has fewer than 25 profiles, your profiles are in a vertical table, with five basic metrics making up the rows to the right of the profile name.
Basic Metrics Defined
Page Views
A page that is displayed by a browser. This term is often used loosely to include page files that are delivered to a browser, whether or not they are displayed on the screen. An example of a page view that is not actually displayed is a redirect page.
A visit is a series of page views, beginning when a visitor’s browser requests the first page from the server, and ending when the visitor leaves the site or remains idle beyond the idle-time limit.
Page Views Per Visit
The average number of pages displayed by visitors' browsers during a visit. This metric tells you about how many pages visitors view each time they visit your site.
Bounce Rate
The percentage of visits that end with only one page view. Visitors "bounce" when they leave your site on the same page through which they entered without viewing other pages on the site.
A visitor is a person at a computer using a browser to visit a web site. A visitor may make more than one visit during a given time period. Note the combination of person, computer, and browser. A person may use different computers, or even use different browsers on the same computer. This means it's possible for a person to appear as more than one visitor, because the chief means of distinguishing a visitor is through a persistent cookie which is saved by the browser.
Note: The Visitors metric is only available when you choose a standard date range from the calendar, like "February" or "Week 14".
Avg. Visitors Per Day
The average number of visitors that visited a site during a given time period. On the trend graph in Insight, you can see the exact number of visitors for each day as well as the average for the selected date range.
New Visitor
A visitor who is visiting a web site for the first time. The chief means of distinguishing a visitor is through a persistent cookie which is saved by the browser. If a person visits your site, deletes his cookies and visits your site again, he may again be counted as a new visitor. It is also possible for a person to appear as more than one new visitor if he uses a different computer, or a different browser on the same computer.
Avg. Time On Site
The average amount of time visitors spent on your site before browsing to another site or closing the browser.