A combination of breadcrumb navigation links, pivot menus, and filters makes it easy to switch between views, change profiles, quickly select a new report, or find specific items in long lists.

Pivot Menus

The real power of the navigation links is in the pivot menus that accompany the links. Pivot menus allow you to switch between sub-accounts, profiles, or reports without navigating back and forth.

Instead of navigating back to the account dashboard to select a different profile (or to the profile dashboard to select a different report), you can just select one from the pivot menu.

For example, if you're viewing the Browsers report for a profile called Superco Global, and you want to see the same report for the profile called Customer Conference 09, just select Customer Conference 09 from the profile breadcrumb list.

You can do the same for viewing a new report. If you are viewing the Browsers report for Campaign99, and you want to see the Entry Pages report, just select Entry Pages from the report breadcrumb menu. To see the Entry Pages report for Campaign01, select Campaign01 from the profile breadcrumb menu.


Filters in Insight are different from filters in Analytics On Premises. In Insight, a filter looks like a search box in an Internet browser, except that instead of producing a page of search results, it removes items from view, leaving only those items that match your search terms. Each view in Insight has a filter you can use to filter the list of profiles, reports, or data within reports.