Adding a Note

When you add a new note, you can choose a date for the note and provide any content you want.

To add a note:

  1. Hover over the Notes bar in the annotations menu and click the plus sign .
    The Note panel opens.
  2. Type your note in the text box.
  3. To apply the note to a different date, click in the Date box and select a date.
  4. Specify where you want the note to be available.
    • To make the note available in all of your profiles, select All profiles.
    • To make the note available only in the current profile, select Current profile.
  5. To exclude the note from your Notes RSS feed, select Private (not added to Notes feed).
    Insight automatically publishes authenticated RSS feeds of your notes and alerts that other people can use to add your notes and alerts to their profile dashboard.Only users with access to your profiles can view your Notes feed.
  6. Click Save.
Click the Notes bar to see your notes on the graph.