Profile Dashboard

The profile dashboard shows you trend data for key metrics, allows you to add alerts, notes, and RSS feeds relevant to the profile, and gives you quick access to available reports. You can also read about the performance of key metrics in a plain-language story view.

To get the most value from the profile dashboard, annotate your data with RSS feeds, notes, and alerts. When you combine your analytics data with notes about important events or milestones and meaningful external data from RSS feeds, you can immediately see how everything coincides to affect your site.

The trend view graph and annotation viewer work together to let you see not only when events coincide, but the context to help you understand how changes happen.

Story view gives you a scannable, plain-language history of your profile that you can easily copy and paste.

Elements of the Profile Dashboard

Key Metrics
A list of key metrics for the profile. You can click on a metric to see it on the trend graph. In compare mode, the percent change in the metric's value between the current date range and the comparison date range is displayed to the right. Alert indicators are displayed on metrics for which you have set up alerts.
Trend View and Story View
The profile dashboard has two main views: trend view and story view. You can add annotations to trend view by selecting them in the annotations menu. To switch between trend view and story view , click the corresponding icon.
Annotation Menu and Annotation Viewer
You can use the annotation menu to choose which type of annotations to display on the trend view graph. In the viewer, you can read the full text of annotations that apply to the current date range. When you click an annotation in the viewer, it is displayed on the trend view graph.
Report List
The report list contains only the reports to which you have access for the selected profile. To open a report, click its name. You can also filter the report list.

To return to the account dashboard from the profile dashboard, just click the account name link in the breadcrumb navigation.