About Real-Time Data

Real-time enabled profiles have the most up-to-date data.

Real-Time Profiles

To provide accurate hourly reports, Insight continually refreshes data for real-time enabled profiles.*
Note: *Analysis and data refresh for real-time enabled profiles typically takes fewer than five minutes, but can take up to ten minutes.

To use real-time data in Insight, your account must be licensed for real-time analysis. Real-time data is only available for Standard (full-featured) profiles that do not use visit filters.

Real-time data is automatically disabled for profiles that do not fit these criteria.

Real-Time Metrics

Real-time data is available for:

  • Page views
  • Visits
  • Visitors
  • New visitors
  • Page views per visit
Note: When you use the Today and 24-hour date range shortcuts, only these metrics are available.

Real-time data is not available for:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Time On Site

In relative date ranges, like 28-day mode, the real time bar is not displayed for these metrics.

About Average Visitors Per Day

When you view average visitors per day on the trend view graph in a relative date range, the real time bar reflects the number of visitors up to the current time, instead of an average. The rest of the data points on the graph represent the average visitors per day.

Other Things to Know

Real-time analysis does not support URL Search and Replace, URL Rebuilding, Hostname filters, or plug-ins. Insight will analyze profiles that use these features, but you might see discrepancies between the data in Insight and the data in Webtrends On Demand. If you have profiles that use these features, view them in On Premises for the most consistent data.