Insight reports are tables that present information in the form of dimensions (like entry pages) and measures (like visits). Reports provide meaningful information about web activity that you can use to make informed decisions.

About Reports

Reports can provide a variety of meaningful information. Some reports can help you determine whether your profile is meeting its objectives. Other reports can pinpoint whether an ad campaign has succeeded in bringing new visitors to your web site. Types of reports in Insight include two-dimensional reports and drilldown reports.

You can find a complete list of the reports available for your profile on the profile dashboard, at the bottom of the page.

Types of Reports

Drilldown reports show information in a hierarchy so you can navigate from highly summarized data to specific details. For example, the Campaigns drilldown report allows you to view overview data at the level of campaign type, drill down into specific campaigns, offers, and creatives, and isolate data at a specific level.

Access to Reports

The profiles and reports you can view are determined by the user rights given to you by your administrator. If you can't find a particular report in Insight, there could be a couple of reasons:

  • Your administrator may not have assigned you viewing rights for the report.
  • When the profile was set up, your administrator excluded the report from the profile's report list.

Contact your administrator if you don't have access to a report you need.

Reports Not Available in Insight

Analytics Insight uses the Webtrends Data Extraction API to generate the list of reports. Most of the reports you use most often are available in Insight, but some reports are not yet available through the Data Extraction API and are therefore not available in Insight.

In some cases, Analytics On Premises reports have been replaced in Analytics Insight by newer reports that are available via the Data Extraction API. to see a list of legacy reports and the new reports that contain the same data.

For more information about the Data Extraction API, see the Data Extraction API Documentation.