Using Reports

Reports in Insight are tables of data that you can sort and filter. You can also view the same report for different profiles using the pivot navigation menus.

Most reports are simple data tables with one dimension column (usually the dimension the report is named for) and one or more columns of measures.


In standard, non-drilldown reports, you can sort the dimension alphabetically or by metric.

  • To sort dimensions alphabetically, click the dimension name in the upper left corner of the report.
  • To sort by measure, click the measure name in the column header. The bar chart moves to the column of the measure on which the report is sorted.


It's easy to get the report you need for the profile you need using pivot menus in the breadcrumb navigation.

If you want to see the report you're viewing, but for a different profile, just select the profile name from the profile pivot menu in the breadcrumb navigation.

If you want to view a new report, you don't have to go back to the profile dashboard. Just select the new report from the report pivot menu.

Drilldown Reports

Drilldown reports show information in a hierarchy so you can navigate from a highly summarized level of data to access specific information in depth. For example, the Campaigns drilldown report allows you to view overview data at the level of campaign type, drill down into specific campaigns, offers, and creatives, and isolate data at a specific level.

Note: Only when you are viewing a drilldown report will the breadcrumb navigation be more than three links long.