Selecting a Custom Date Range

You can view data from any time period, including weeks, months, and quarters, by selecting start and end dates from the calendar. In compare mode, you can select two time periods of the same length to see the percent change in metrics between the two time periods.

You can use the calendar to select data from custom time periods at any time, regardless of whether you are viewing the account dashboard, profile dashboard, or report view.

To select a custom time period, start by clicking the calendar button . When the calendar panel opens you can use the calendars to select:

  • An entire year, quarter, month, week, or single day.
  • A custom date range of your choice.

Selecting Time Periods In Compare Mode

Compare mode shows two sets of calendars in the calendar panel. You use the set on the left to choose your current, or most recent, time period. The second set is for a previous time period to which you want to compare your recent data.

When you select a time period from the calendars on the left, an equivalent time period is automatically selected in the calendars on the right, usually the period immediately before the one you selected.

Within pairs of calendars, the calendar on the left lets you choose the start date of your time period and the one on the right is for the end date.


To compare the first quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2008:

  1. Click Q1 on the leftmost calendar.

    The three months in Q1 are selected in the calendars on the left.

    In the calendars on the right, the three months before Q1 of 2009 are selected.

  2. Click Q2 in the calendars on the right.

    Now Q1 of the current year is your first time period and Q2 of the previous year is the second period. Because the second period is always further in the past than the first, the calendar automatically selects the most recent period before the starting period.

  3. Click Apply.

    Data updates to reflect trends from the two quarters you chose.

    The same method applies to the year, month, and week selectors.

To compare two custom time periods:

  1. Use the arrows on the sides of the calendars to find the month you want. Click any day on the leftmost calendar.

    In the calendars on the right, the day immediately before the one you chose is automatically selected.

  2. Click another day in either of the calendars on the left to pick your end date.

    The same number of days is selected on the calendar on the right.

  3. Click Apply.

You can also use the Start and End fields to enter a specific date range in month/day/year format.

Selecting a Time Period with Compare Mode Off

When compare mode is off, the calendar panel only shows one set of calendars. Select a time period just as you would in compare mode.