Using Date Range Shortcuts

You can quickly focus in or zoom out on your data by selecting different date range shortcuts. For non-hourly shortcuts, the data always extends back in time starting with the previous day. For hourly shortcuts (today and 24-hour) the data extends back in time starting with the previous hour.

About Today and 24-hour Shortcuts

The today shortcut shows you data starting at the first hour of the current date (midnight), up to the current hour. The real-time bar in the trend view graph is displayed on the current hour, rather than at the far right of the graph. As data is refreshed, the bar goes higher, but the graph line stays where it was at the beginning of the hour, so you can even see the changes in your data over the current hour.

The 24-hour shortcut shows you data for the last 24 hours, up to the current hour.

About 28- and 91-day Shortcuts

You might have noticed that two of the date range shortcuts are 28 days and 91 days. These might seem unusual, but they allow Insight to align the weekends in compare mode. On the trend view graph, weekend days are represented as gray columns.

Select a new date range shortcut at any time. Your view of the data is updated automatically.