Story View

Story view is a plain-language explanation of the basic metrics for your profile. You can also view the Exceptional Days in the selected time period. Story view is ideal for pasting into presentations, emails, and reports.

The Story

Think of story view as a version of your profile your grandmother would understand. It explains and summarizes the meaning of the metrics using data from your profile, even in compare mode. If a metric is missing from your profile, story view leaves it out of the story. If one of your metrics is up or down compared to the previous time period, story view tells you that, too.

Story view is ideal for situations when you need to sum up and deliver, in words (not graphs and charts), the performance of a profile. You can copy and paste the text directly from story view into an email, a slideshow presentation, or the delivery document of your choice.

Exceptional Days

The exceptional days section calls out the days of the selected date range when your basic metrics did the best. Exceptional Days only contains the metrics found in story view and trend view.