Trend View

The trend view chart shows you the performance of key metrics for your profile over the selected time period, including percent changes in compare mode. You can view the daily or hourly performance of each metric in a readout above the chart.

The main benefit of trend view is that you can see the changes in individual key metrics in the chart and compare those changes to annotation data that you can add yourself. To change the chart to show a different metric, just click the metric in the list on the left.

In compare mode, Insight compares metric performance for two different time periods. The black line represents the most recent time period and the gray line represents the comparison period (an earlier period of the same length). When you are viewing data from one of the date range shortcuts, the compare date range always ends on the day before the start of the main date range.

When you turn off compare mode, you only see the black line in the chart. If parts of either line are missing, that means no analyzed data is available for those periods.


You can add three kinds of annotations to the trend view graph: notes, alerts, and RSS feeds.

When you add annotations, the items that occur in the date range you're viewing are displayed in the annotations viewer and arranged by date. All items that occur on the same day are contained in a single entry, marked with a flag containing one letter that corresponds to a flag on the trend view graph.

You can turn annotations on and off in the annotations menu. Notes and alerts are turned off and on as a group, but RSS feeds can be turned off and on individually.

Real-time Data

The data for the current day (today) is represented by the blue bar. As data is refreshed, the real-time bar moves farther up the graph.

To provide accurate hourly reports, Insight continually refreshes data for real-time enabled profiles.*
Note: *Analysis and data refresh for real-time enabled profiles typically takes fewer than five minutes, but can take up to ten minutes.

Real-time data is not available for the following basic metrics:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Time On Site