Exporting Data with Webtrends Web Services URLs

You can use REST URLs to create your own live Excel dashboards and applications.

This topic will teach you how to use a Webtrends Web Services URL to create a Microsoft Excel document with live Webtrends data. For more examples of how you can use Webtrends Web Services URLs, visit the Webtrends Developer Network.

  1. Make sure you are viewing data in the date range you want to export.
  2. Click Web Services on the Share menu.
    The Share dialog opens.
  3. Select Excel from the Format options.
  4. Click in the URL field to highlight the Web Services URl and copy it to your clipboard.
  5. Open a new blank Excel workbook.
  6. On the Data ribbon, click From Web.
    The New Web Query dialog opens.
  7. Paste the Web Services URL in the Address field, replacing any preexisting URLs. Click Go.
  8. Authenticate the data request using your Webtrends login credentials.
    Use the following format:

    Username: accountName\yourUserName

    Password: yourPassword

    A table with the data you requested loads in the browser frame of the New Web Query dialog.
  9. Click the arrow button near the upper left corner of the table to select the data.
  10. Click Import.
    Excel downloads the data from Webtrends and creates the table in Excel.
  11. Save the workbook.
The Excel spreadsheet now contains live Webtrends data. To refresh the data, click the Refresh All button on the Data ribbon.