Allocating Ports

Lists default ports used by Webtrends services.

Webtrends uses network ports to communicate with all the components in your installation. Review this section to make sure that other services that you plan to run on your Webtrends computers do not conflict with these ports. Change ports in the Edit Site Bindings dialog in the IIS Manager ( yourServerName > Sites > yourSiteName ).

Table 1. Default Ports for Webtrends Components
Component Default Port Configurable after Installation?
Reporting and Administration UI 7099 Yes
Event Database Loader 1433 No
Geo Trends Server 7199 Yes
Master Database 1433 No
Insight 8080 Yes
Data Extraction API 7090 Yes
Data Collection API none Yes (canonical HTTP port 80)
SmartSource Data Collector none Yes (canonical HTTP port 80)

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