Backing Up Webtrends Visitor Data Mart Data

Explains how to back up Webtrends Visitor Data Mart data.

Webtrends Visitor Data Mart data resides in a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database. To determine where your Visitor Data Mart data is stored, edit the profile in Webtrends Administration and click Analysis > Visitor Data Mart . This dialog shows the location of the Microsoft SQL database and the names of each component database. You can access these locations using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio or another third-party tool.

Visitor Data Mart profile data includes the following components:

  • Event Database (EDB)
  • Module Database (MDB)
  • Extended Attributes Database (XDB)
  • Analysis Services Database (containing profile-specific cube information)

You should maintain regular backups of these databases using the SQL management tools of your choice. You should also back up your Analysis Services Database each time you make changes to your cube configuration. Back up the Analysis Services Database both before and after you change the cube configuration.

As a best practice, you should also back up the following Visitor Data Mart components:

  • The XMDB_System_Master database contains global information about Extended Attributes databases and can reside on the same Microsoft SQL database or in a remote location.
  • wtWHReporting resides on the same Microsoft SQL server location as XMDB_System_Master.

Finally, even if you do not use Webtrends Analytics profiles, you should always back up your Webtrends Master Database.

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