HTML Page Title Lookups

Discusses the performance and storage implications of looking up and storing HTML page titles.

In the log file, requested content is recorded as the URL for that item. The URL could be for a gif or a jpeg image, it could be for a downloaded file, or it could be for a page. Webtrends Analytics software can look up the actual page titles that are recorded in the Title tags in each HTML page. However, if you choose this option, you will have to dedicate some space on your hard drive for the results of the page title lookups. Just like the resolved IP address cache, the cache for HTML page title lookups is managed by setting either the maximum number of entries allowed in the cache at any given time, and/or the maximum number of days that a page title can remain in the cache. Again, you have to balance the usefulness of the looked up titles against the cache space they require and the performance hit your system takes during the initial lookup.

Recommendation: HTML Page Title Lookups

To specify Internet resolution settings:

Determine how important it is to have the HTML page titles of the URLs in your reports. The space required by these looked-up values can be fairly minimal, but the performance slowdown can be noticeable. Most people perform the lookup to make reports more meaningful.

Note: Web site security can impede or prevent HTML title lookups. You may need to configure a user name and password to get the data.

To specify whether to look up HTML page titles:

  1. In the left pane, click Administration > Web Analysis > Options > Analysis .
  2. Click General.

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