SQL Cluster Installation

Provides guidelines for installation on a SQL cluster.

Webtrends now supports installation on a Microsoft SQL database cluster using Microsoft SQL 2008 Enterprise. Installing on a cluster can provide redundancy for your installation. SQL cluster environments are complex and require expert SQL knowledge. This discussion is not a substitute for the large body of SQL cluster documentation available from Microsoft and other sources.

To perform a SQL cluster installation, you need:
  • A dedicated computer for each node in the SQL cluster.
  • A high-performance storage array network (SAN)

If you plan to install on a SQL cluster, you can use the standard distributed installation instructions for either Analytics or Marketing Warehouse, with the following modifications:

  1. When you install the first component in your distributed installation, which is always the Master Database component, run the installation executable on a machine that is NOT hosting the cluster. Run the installation from a command line using the ALLOW_CLUSTERING argument. For example, pass the following command:
    c:\msiv12\setup.exe ALLOW_CLUSTERING
  2. In the Master Database Connection dialog, select Use an existing SQL Server 2008 installation. For the Host field, specify the name of the SQL cluster. Use the virtual SQL server name, not the name of a node.

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