Moving a Webtrends Analytics Installation

Learn more about how the utility Relocator can help you move a Webtrends Analytics installation.

About Webtrends Relocator

The Relocator utility helps you move a Webtrends Analytics installation from one computer to another. This is useful when you want to move your current Analytics installation to new hardware prior to an upgrade. For example, you can move Analytics 8.7d from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 before you upgrade to Analytics 9.2b.

The utility archives the wtmaster and wt_sched databases and your configuration database and then reinstalls them on a new computer. Other components, such as your report databases and any Express Analysis files, you need to back up manually and copy to the destination computer.

To request a copy of Relocator contact Webtrends Technical Support.


  • Relocator is a utility designated only for English-language single computer installations of Webtrends Analytics versions 8.7d or later. It cannot be used with Analytics versions 8.5 or earlier, Visitor Data Mart, or multi-computer installations.
  • Relocator is designed to move an Analytics installation. It cannot be used to upgrade software. Software upgrades use a separate process.
  • Relocator assumes that the Microsoft SQL database instances use Webtrends defaults (WTSYSTEMDB or MSSQLSERVER).

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