Provides best practices for uninstalling Webtrends.

Before you uninstall, make sure you have first backed up your installation if you have any plans to restore or recover it. Your Webtrends data and configuration can't be recovered without a backup.

How to Uninstall

You should uninstall Webtrends using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

In a distributed installation, you must uninstall all the other Webtrends components first before you uninstall the Master Database. If you do not uninstall the Master Database last, any remaining components in your installation will not be removable, even if they are on different computers.

Note: You need to close the Windows Computer Management and Services panels before you uninstall, or the uninstall can't continue.

Uninstalling Visitor Data Mart Databases

When you uninstall the Master Database, you will be prompted to remove any Visitor Data Mart databases you have created. Removing these databases also deletes your data.

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