Installing Webtrends Analytics Software

Describes the Webtrends topology and its benefits.

The Webtrends Topology

Webtrends software is designed for installation on multiple computers in order to support organizations with a large number of report users, or high-traffic web sites. At a minimum, a Visitor Data Mart installation requires three computers: one computer for Webtrends Analytics, one for the Event Database Loader, and one for the Visitor Data Mart databases.

You can scale your implementation as the need arises: to allocate more computing power to many complex analysis processes, distribute the impact of a large number of concurrent users viewing reports, or analyze an increasing volume of web site traffic. If you plan to use Visitor Data Mart, you must install it on a dedicated computer, separate from the computers running other Webtrends components.

Your web site traffic and your reporting needs determine the number of computers in your Webtrends installation. You can install components in the configuration that works best for your organization, whether that means installing multiple components on one computer or installing a single component, such as Analysis, on multiple computers. See the System Requirements for Analytics and Visitor Data Mart for recommended configurations.

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