Preparing to Install Express Analysis and Real-Time Analysis

Installing both Express Analysis and Real-time Analysis requires additional configuration.

Express Analysis and Real-time Analysis provide two different ways of viewing recent data in Webtrends. Real-time analysis supports the real-time key metrics data provided in Insight. If you plan to install and use Insight, you should also install the Real-time component. Express Analysis provides more detailed reporting of recent activity through Webtrends Analytics Reports.

Both Express and Real-time use a second set of files generated by SmartSource Data Collector. Express Analysis deletes these files immediately after analysis. This means that if you plan to install both Real-time Analysis and the Express Analysis Engine, you should create separate storage shares for each component and configure either the Webtrends Mover or your own log moving solution to move log files to the appropriate locations. For information on configuring the Mover to move log files to multiple shares, see the Express Analysis chapter of the Administration User's Guide.

Before You Install Insight Real-Time

Before you can install the Real-Time Engine, you need to understand your SmartSource Data Collector installation and determine where your real-time logs will reside. Realtime requires the following SDC configuration:
  • hostedmodel=true
  • servicemodel=true
The installation program will prompt you to specify a directory for your real-time logs. The installation program will not create this directory: by default, this should be the same directory specified in the realtimelogdir setting of the [servicemodel] section in your dcs.cfg file. You may also use your own log management tools to place a copy of your SDC logs in a different directory. For more information about the dcs.cfg file, see the SmartSource Data Collector User's Guide.

After You Install Insight Real-Time

In your site map file, check the entry for each data source for which you will collect real-time data. The fourth field should be set to rt or express for real-time data. If this field is set to NULL (the default), real-time data cannot be collected. For more information about the site map file, see "Setting Up Express Analysis" on the Documentation Center.

Insight Real-time reporting and Alerting and SmartSource Data Collector

You can run Insight without SmartSource Data Collector by installing only the Insight Dashboard component. However, Insight's real-time reporting and alerting capability rely on SmartSource Data Collector. If you install only the Insight Dashboard, and not the Insight Alerts and Realtime Engine component, the Alerts tab will not be displayed and your Key Metrics will not show any real-time data.
Note: If you already use Express Analysis, and you also want to install Insight Alerts and Realtime Engine, see Express Analysis and Real-Time Analysis.

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