Restoring Webtrends Analytics Data from a Profile Backup

Explains how to restore Webtrends Analytics data from a backup.

  1. Determine the date of the last good backup, or the date from which you want to begin reanalysis.
  2. Set your Webtrends Administration configuration settings to the state you want to use for reanalysis and future analyses. You can determine whether and when configuration changes were made using the Change History feature in Webtrends Administration. Use Webtrends Administration to make any required configuration changes.
  3. In the left pane, click Administration > Application Settings > System Management > Backup/Restore > Restore Backup .
  4. Mouse over the backup for the profile and date you want to restore and click Restore Backup on the Action menu.
  5. In the Restore Backup dialog, click Restore Backup to continue.
  6. Click OK.
  7. After you finish restoring, re-run analysis for the profile. Webtrends Analytics detects the dates of analyzed data that was restored and then reanalyzes any newer data from the log files available in this profile’s data source.

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