Upgrading Webtrends Software

Identifies considerations and preparation steps for upgrading Webtrends Software.

To ensure you have the highest degree of success with your upgrade to Webtrends Analytics 9.2 and to help you expedite recovery if anything should go wrong, we have outlined tasks which are critical to a successful upgrade. Skipping any of these tasks may result in a failed upgrade and cause difficulty in recovering from that failure. If you experience any issues with your upgrade or have any questions on the tasks outlined below, please contact Technical Support for assistance.

Updating Storage Locations

Before upgrading to the next version of Analytics, make sure that the storage location paths specified in Webtrends Administration are UNC paths, for example:


To check and update storage locations:

  1. Log in to Webtrends Administration.
  2. Click Application Settings > System Management > Storage Locations .
  3. Change all storage location paths to UNC paths.

Upgrading an Existing Installation

Important: If your current installation includes, or has ever included, Visitor Data Mart, upgrading Webtrends Analytics requires additional preparation. Contact Webtrends Technical Support before you continue.
  1. Back up all Webtrends computers. See Backing up and Restoring Webtrends Data.
  2. Follow the Upgrading to Webtrends Analytics instructions.
  3. Following installation, use the Topology dialog to ensure that all computers in the installation are recognized. In the left pane, click Administration > Application Settings > Monitoring > Topology . If you suspect that one of the Webtrends component computers was not upgraded, check the status logs on each computer in your distributed installation for a version incompatibility error. This message is logged when one of the Webtrends components does not match the version of the database. For example, if you cannot view the Webtrends user interface, or if there is no new report data since the upgrade, one of the computers may not have been upgraded. Status logs are located in the Webtrends installation directory\logs directory.

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