Understanding Webtrends Components

Describes Webtrends required and optional components.

The Webtrends installation program includes several components. Some of these components are required and some are optional. During installation, you can decide which optional components you want to install on your computer.

Reporting and Administration UI
(Required) Provides the application interface and serves reports. The number of users who view reports concurrently determines the number of computers that you need running this component. You may want to install the Reporting and Administration UI separately so that report viewing does not slow down when other components such as Analysis are running.
Standard Analysis Engine
(Required) Performs scheduled analysis of your web traffic data.
Express Analysis Engine
(Optional) Provides on-going analysis of your web traffic data for limited, current day only reporting. If you plan to use Express Analysis, you will need to install the Express Analysis component.
Master Database
(Required) Stores the data that Webtrends Analytics needs to coordinate for all components. For more information, see “Performing a Distributed Installation”. You can use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard or Enterprise Edition for the system database.
Visitor Data Mart
(Optional) Imports data from SmartSource Data Collector data files and stores the results in an SQL Server 2008 database to allow customized data exploration. For more information about these components, see the Webtrends Visitor Data Mart User’s Guide.
Configuration Databases
(Optional) Stores additional information related to web event data in the Visitor Data Mart. Your organization populates this database by uploading data from external sources such as customer databases. When you install this component, the installer creates the Extended Attributes Database for each distributed architecture.
GeoTrends Data File
(Optional for Analytics, required for Visitor Data Mart) Adds geographical data about your visitors to reports. If you want this geographic information, and your web site receives a lot of visitors, then you may want to install GeoTrends on a separate computer. Doing so allows GeoTrends to run without taking memory away from other important components. Otherwise, install GeoTrends on the machine running the Analysis Engine.
Data Extraction API
(Optional) Enables direct access to analytics data through a REST interface. For more information, see the Data Extraction API documentation.
Insight UI
(Optional) Alternate analytics reporting interface that provides data visualizations of key metrics on all of your accounts. Key metrics include page views, visits, visitors, page views per visit, bounce rate, average visitors per day, new visitors, and average time on site. For more information, see Insight
Insight Alerts and Realtime Engine
(Optional) These components are used by Insight to provide real-time key metrics and alerting. When you install these components, you can enter an SMTP server to use for Insight email alerts.
(Required for Insight) Enables generation of real-time data for key metrics.
(Required for Insight) Enables configuration of alerts for changes in key metrics.

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