Create an Account

To organize the different departments or business units in your organization that use Optimize, you can create new child accounts (subdomains) under your parent Optimize account.

If your organization has distinct groups that require their own Optimize domain for testing, you can create new child accounts (subdomains) under your parent account. Each subdomain you create is assigned a unique Webtrends Client API file (wt_capi.js) that must be uploaded to a web server. Additionally, a corresponding CAPI script must be placed before the closing </head> of the web pages to be tested.

Important: Because multiple CAPI scripts on a single web page can affect tracking and testing, child accounts are not recommended for different business units that need to test the same web page or web domain. In this situation, it is recommended to use the existing parent account and its associated CAPI file.

You must have administrator privileges (the Domain Management role set) to create a new account.

  1. Click Administration > New Account.
  2. Enter a name and description for the account. A structured naming convention can help distinguish a child domain from its parent. For example, Parent domain - Child domain
  3. Optional: Click Browse to select a parent location. This is typically your company name or, for large companies with complex organizations, a division or department name.
    Note: You cannot edit the parent location after the account has been created.
  4. Click Next to assign users and groups to the account. By default, a new account is assigned the users and groups of the parent account as well as four new groups: Administrators, Environment Managers, Optimization Technicians, and Reporting Users.
  5. From the Edit Account window, click Finish.