Group Memberships

Group memberships apply the same rights to a collection of users.

Managing user accounts for a large organization is a challenging task. Rather than select permissions for individual users, Optimize Administrators can assign group memberships to multiple users at one time.

The following four groups are created automatically for each Optimize account. Each group is comprised of a combination of role sets, which are assigned to the users that hold membership to the corresponding group. You can apply more than one group to a user record. You can also create new group memberships.

Members of this group have access to all Optimize test, target, and report features. Additionally, Administrators can create and manage user records and account subdomains. Webtrends automatically assigns the designated account owner to the Administrators membership group.
Environment Managers
Members of this group can create and edit Optimize sites. These users are typically web developers and analysts in charge of test implementation.
Optimization Technicians
Members of this group can create and edit Optimize projects, tests, pages, targets (if available) and visitor segments and view related reports. However, these users do not have permissions to create new Optimize testing sites or perform data extractions. Optimization Technicians are typically web developers and analysts assigned to configure Webtrends Optimize to test individual site pages.
Reporting Users
Members of this group have access only to Optimize reports. This level of access is typically granted to analysts or other project stakeholders who do not need to access the Optimize Laboratory or Library.
Table 1. Roles Sets Assigned To Default Groups
  Data Extract Download Data Extract Management Domain Management Environment Management Reporting Access Test Management
Administrators X X X X X X
Environment Managers       X    
Optimization Technicians         X X
Reporting Users         X