Create a Custom Data Table

A data table is used to store data collected via web page variables during testing. Table data is organized into rows and columns of data, like a spreadsheet. Web page variables are mapped to a table column in the test and/or target builders.

  1. From the navigation menu, click Library.
  2. Select the Data Tables tab and then click New Data Table.
  3. Enter a table name and description. Use a table name that you will recognize later, such as a descriptive campaign name or similar identifier.
  4. Select a Table Type from the drop-down list.
    Note: Currently Log is the only available table type. A log table collects on an aggregate basis and never updates existing entries.
  5. Add a column (data meta field) for each data point you want to store. Data collected during testing is stored in columns within the table. Columns often map to variable names from your web page. For example: Store data from the CartVal (shopping cart value) page variable in a column named CartVal or Cart Value, for ease of use.
    1. Click Add a column:
    2. Enter a column name and description.
      Note: When you enter a column name, the Database Column Title is auto-generated. You can change this title provided it contains letters and numbers only. Spaces or special characters are not permitted.
    3. Select a Column Type from the drop-down list.
      Note: Currently Text is the only avaiable column type.
  6. When you finish adding the columns you need, click Save.