Create a Report Filter

Select the types of views and conversion data you want to see in your reports and save these settings as a filter you can reuse and share with others.

  1. Open a report.
  2. From the report menu, click Report Filters.
  3. Click Data Types and select the conversions and views you want to see: all or unique.
  4. Click Conversion Events and turn a conversion on or off in order to include or exclude it from the report.
  5. Click Confidence Level to indicate the reliability of the factors in your test results.
    Note: Confidence Level is available only to full and fractional multivariate tests of 2 or more factors.
    • Select a confidence level, Low, Medium, or High, or enter a custom percentage from 50.0 to 99.9. The lower the confidence level, the higher the factor significance, which is used to determine lift. (Lift is the percentage of increase in conversion you get with an optimal combination of factors.) Values lower than 90 are not recommended.
  6. Click Apply to see your changes reflected in the report.
  7. From the report menu, click Save to store the filter.
    Note: Filters are saved as part of the selected test. Anyone with user rights to view reports for a test has access to its filters.
  8. Enter a name and description for the filter. To add the date range as part of the filter, select the Include Date Filter check box.

The next time you or another user opens this report, this filter will be available. From the report menu, click Load Filter > [filter name] > Select.

Load Filter button

Load Filter Button