Overview Report

Provides a summary level of the selected project or test—date created, date activated, number of experiments running—and a trend line of project activity. The Overview report is available for all project and test types.

Project/Test Activity

A summary of all activity for a project or test during the selected date range. You can filter a report to show unique (not repeated) views and conversions.
  • Views are the number of views that occurred for the test.
  • Conversions The number of visits that resulted in your page objective or conversion.
  • Conversion Rate The percentage of test views that resulted in a conversion event.

Status Summary

Lists all the tests for a selected project, including test states and segments, if any.

Page Map

For every page in a split test, this report lists the name, URL, linked project (if any) and viewing percentage.

Tested Experiment Content

For a multivariate test, this report lists all the combination of page elements (experiments) presented to test viewers.


Lists all the levels assigned to each factor in the test.