Stabilization Reports

Compares projected and actual values for traffic and conversions. Use to determine which levels outperformed others. The Stabilization report is available for split and multivariate tests.

Tests must stabilize before the data they gather is truly actionable. This report helps determine how close a test is to stabilizing and provides insight into how split test pages or multivariate test factors are performing.

Conversion Rate Stabilization

Indicates the daily conversion rate for each split page over time. This report is useful for determining when the conversion rate has stabilized. When lines begin to take a horizontal trend, this indicates decreased change in day-to-day conversion rates and increased likelihood that the data will continue along this stabilized trend.

Lift Over Control

This graph shows how each page or experiment performed over control. The percentage of conversion rate deviation from control calculated for each split page. A positive lift indicates an experiment performed better than control.

Chance Table

The chance any one split page has to out-perform all other split pages in the test.

Level Influence Stabilization by Factor

Displays the influence a selected a factor had on the conversion results. A factor with a high influence had more impact on test visitor behavior. When the influence lines begin to show little vertical movement, stabilization has been established and the level with the highest influence is typically the winning content for the selected factor.