View a Report

View and evaluate the results of your tests.

  1. From the navigation menu, click Reports.
  2. Select a project from the drop-down list. If available, a drop-down list of tests and targets appears.
  3. Select a test or target from drop-down list.
  4. Click the current date range to change the duration for which you want to see report data. date range
  5. Click the report tab you want to view. Options may include Overview, Traffic, Performance, Stabilization, Results, or Advanced Data Tables.

Export a Report

You can export an entire report or its individual components as a PDF file. For some components, you can also download a CSV file that contains the corresponding report data. The format of the CSV file depends on the data you export.

  1. To export an entire report, click Export from the report menu and save the PDF.
  2. To export a report component, click PDF or CSV (if available) from the upper right-hand corner of the display. Save the file.