Adjust the Traffic Flow of a Project

Set (or reset) the throttling and priority weight of all the tests and targets in a project.

Traffic Throttling

Traffic throttling determines the percentage of page traffic to be presented with testing or targeting content. Any remaining traffic is presented with default content. It is often useful to lower throttling on high traffic pages in order to limit consumption of Optimize Events.

Note: Tests or targets that have a state of Pending, Staging, or Archive are excluded from throttling.

Priority Weight

Priority weight sets the evaluation order of segmented tests and targets within a project. Web traffic is sent to tests or targets with more weight before those with less weight.

Note: Targets always receive traffic before segmented tests. Unsegmented items receive the remaining traffic.
  1. From the navigation menu, click Laboratory.
  2. Double-click a project from the list and then click Traffic Flow. The Traffic Flow window opens.
    Traffic Flow window

    Traffic Flow window

  3. Set the traffic throttling level at the project level (all traffic) or at the test or target level (limited traffic). To change the current value, click the percentage and enter or select a new number. 0.1 is the minimum.
    Note: By default, Optimize reevaluates returning visitors to the test or target page as new visitors and uses the current throttling percentage to determines what type of content to present. To present returning visitors with the same content they viewed in previous visits, clear the Reevelauate all visitors check box.
  4. Set the priority weight for each item in the project. Priority values run from zero (0) to the number of items in the project list.
  5. Click Save.