Optimize Project Planning

Optimization requires planning and preparation before you can make data-driven changes to your web pages.

Project Phases

The following plan is a template to help you implement and configure Webtrends Optimize to test your site pages. This example is a generic approach that generally works well for most use cases.

Note: For more detailed information on test planning and design, see the Optimize Resource Center.
  1. Discovery Develop test strategies that best fit your optimization goals and business needs. Identify pages with simple and easily measurable conversion objectives. Areas to consider include landing pages with a high bounce rate, sales funnels with low conversion rates and any current marketing initiatives, such as e-mail offers or search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. Baseline Perform a baseline test to establish traffic and conversion rates on current web pages.
  3. Split Complete a split test, creating a test page template to determine which page will be the best page, or "champion," to use for the next phase of testing.
  4. Multivariate Start a multivariate test cycle. For example, you can begin by testing a key message, then leverage what you learn to test a special offer, and follow up with a test that checks the impact of incentives or third-party validation.
  5. Publish Activate the winning content for display to your site visitors.