Add a New Test to Your Project

A test measures page performance based on the standards set by project type: baseline, split, or multivariate.

After you add a new project in Optimize, you can begin creating tests to establish the effectiveness of your page content. You can run multiple tests on the same page, in the same project, over time or simultaneously.


Add a baseline test to determine the current traffic, traffic sources, and conversion rate for an existing web page before you make changes to it.


Add a split test to compare the performance of two or more alternative web pages, page elements, or conversion funnels. You can split the audiences who see each element into even proportions, such as 50/50 (also known as A/B testing) or divide the audience into uneven proportions. Split tests are best used for comparing major concepts, such as page layouts.


Add a multivariate test to compare multiple variables on a page and determine which combination of elements outperforms others. Compare headlines, images offers, form layouts, and copy text, and watch your site visitors 'vote' with their clicks for the content they prefer.