Checking a Test or Target

Newly created Tests and Targets are in the Staging state.

There may be several things to check and confirm before launching a Test or a Target.

It's usually a good idea to review the appearance of each Variation. It may also be part of a business process to have someone else review the variations.

These can be checked while the Test or Target status is still Staging:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Location thumbnail.
  2. When the drawer opens beneath the thumbnail, confirm that the status is Staging.
  3. Click the associated link under Test. This opens the Staging Summary.
    The Test name
  4. In the Staging Summary, click a Variation's link to preview that Variation in a new tab.
    Preview links
  5. Click Share Preview Links for a copy of the Variation links in text format. This text can be emailed, IM'd, etc.
  6. The Test or Target will remain in Staging until it is run/deployed.