The Difference Between a Test and a Target

A Location may currently have no Tests or Targets, or it may have one or more Tests, or it may have one or more Targets, but it will not have a Test and a Target at the same time.

Targets have one or more rules associated with them. For example, a Target might be "If the visitor is using this particular browser" or "If the visitor is browsing from France," etc. Rules can poll geographical data, date, time, and many other parameters.

A Location might have several Targets that could be active at a given time.

Optimize reviews each Target until it hits a positive. When it does, it performs the action associated with the Target, and then it stops checking further for Targets.

Tests rotate a list of content to visitors based on the identified visitor. Tests are "sticky" in the respect that once a visitor has seen a specific Test, then they will always see the same Test when they visit the page.

Generally, a Location will feature zero or more Tests or zero or more Targets (a Location can have zero of both, if it just happens to have no current assignments), but it will never contain both types at the same time.