The Optimize Dashboard

The Dashboard is the initial interface to Webtrends Optimize.

Dashboard Controls

The Optimize Dashboard
The Optimize Action Bar
The Action Bar, with commonly used controls, appears at the top of each page.
A new Test or Target
To create a new Test or Target, click New. For more information on creating Tests or Targets, see Getting Started.
Optimize sorting controls
The Sort controls enable you to sort the Locations list in ascending or descending order, by Name, Date Created, or Date Updated.
Optimize filtering controls
Filter searches through the Location Names for a specific string, filtering as you type.
Optimize account details
Account Details include:
My Settings
Specify or change your Display Name and Password. Click Save to save the new settings, or Cancel to return to the Dashboard.
View the Optimize Help set.
Sign Out
Sign out of Optimize.
Optimize Location thumbnail
Location List
The main element of the Dashboard is a list of all Locations being tested (and may include different tests on the same Location). For each Location, the display includes:
  • The Location name
  • A thumbnail of the page
  • The name of the Test
  • The lift percentage produced by the test
Clicking a thumbnail opens a drawer beneath it, revealing:
  • Location name
  • Location URL
  • New Test/Target controls
  • Location Status
  • Conversion Rate
  • Total Views
  • Total Conversion
  • Lift Over Control

This represents an abbreviated, high-level view of the more complete report for that location. Review Evaluating Report Results for more details regarding this data. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the details.