Report Details

Optimize report results are organized according to Rule or Variation, so you can easily compare how each variation stacks up against others for the same metric.

Type Description
Variation Name Name given to the variation when the test was created.
Views Number of times this variation was viewed by a visitor.
Conversions Number of conversions recorded for this variation.
Conversion Value Estimate of the value of the variation’s conversions. This is based on the number of conversions multiplied by the value assigned to each conversion when the variation was created.
Predicted Conversion Rate Percentage of test viewers to activate a conversion event, based on the views and conversions data collected so far.
Chance to Beat Control Probability that one experiment has to out-perform the control experiment, if defined.
Lift Over Control Percentage change to the conversion rate of any one experiment compared to the conversion rate of the control experiment, if defined.
Clear Winner Variation producing the greatest Projected Annual Value.
Projected Annual Value Annualized value for this variation projected out over 365 days. This is based on the current Conversion Event Value, current Predicted Conversion Rate, and time the test has been live.
Projected Margin of Error Margin of error caused by utilizing a predicted value (such as Predicted Conversion Rate) to project the annual value. Predictions always have some variance, or margin of error. Margin of error shrinks as the sample size grows.
Projected Annual Increase Difference between the Projected Annual Value for any one variation and the Projected Annual Value of the control variation.