Reviewing Results

If a Test or Target is Live, Published, or Archived, then you can review current or archived results.

Access reporting from the Dashboard.
  1. Click the thumbnail of the test.
    Information drawer under Location thumbnail
    A drawer opens beneath the thumbnail, revealing a condensed version of the reporting, arranged by Rule or Variation. These results include Lift, Conversion Rate, Views, and Conversions for each Rule or Variation. (If the experiment is live, of course. If a Test or Target is in Staging, obviously there will be no results yet.)
  2. Next to the Live or Active tag, locate the link that is the name of the Test or Target. Click that link to see current detailed reporting.
    Click Name to see current reporting
  3. The detailed reporting window includes extensive information about each Rule or Variation in the experiment. See Report Details for more information.
  4. If there is a Control, it's listed first. Hover over each other listed Rule name to see a Compare button.
    Compare results to Control
  5. Click Compare to compare the results of a Rule against the results of the Control Rule.
    Click to toggle comparisons on or off
  6. Clicking on a row expands the results of that row to show more detail.